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Eubeltic Descent by Nadine C Keels


Eubeltic Descent by Nadine C Keels is a Christian fantasy with sign language at its core. People sign not only due to deafness but speech impediments and deep trauma make sign language preferable to speech.

We communicate with more than just our mouths – our bodies can ‘talk’, so can our souls.

The novel is about discovery and a search for roots. We need to know where we come from before we can plan where we are going.

I do not normally read fantasy but Eubeltic Descent was a pleasant afternoon’s read.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



Hope Unashamed by Nadine C Keels

Keeping It Real

Hope Unashamed by Nadine C Keels is a wonderful contemporary Christian coming of age novel. It is the sequel to Love Unfeigned and I loved it. You do not have to read Love Unfeigned first but I would recommend it. Hope Unashamed is written from the point of view of Arthur and is his version of the story from the previous novel.

The story is split into ‘Before’ written in the first person and ‘After’ written in the third person. The reader is intrigued as the novel begins with ‘After’. I was asking all sorts of questions in my head about the action. The construction of the story was very cleverly done.

Arthur’s character is developed in Hope Unashamed. The reader watches his character grow and mature from his teenage years. I had no strong feelings about Arthur in Love Unfeigned as I didn’t really ‘know’ him but he really took up residence in my heart in this book.

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Love Unfeigned by Nadine C Keels

Home Now

Love Unfeigned by Nadine C Keels is a delightful Christian contemporary coming of age novel.

Written in the first person from the point of view of Lorraine, the reader gets to know her really well as she grows up. I loved her, her bond with her brother, her best friend and her soul mate. Everything she experienced, I ‘experienced’ too.

The novel shows the importance of God and family. A family fractured will affect all members and take years to heal the heartache.

First love is a major theme. It hurts. The feelings remain, sometimes spoiling all other relationships.

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World Of The Innocent by Nadine C Keels


World Of The Innocent by Nadine C Keels is a Christian contemporary YA novel about awakening – an awakening to the world around us, to talents and to love. I got completely engrossed in it, so much so that I literally gasped out loud at one point.

Nadine Keels writes with sensitivity, with knowledge and with love. The novel is about love that never dies – the great love of God for His children. And about the love of friends and a blossoming young love. The story is beautifully written.

We need to tell people about Jesus, or how will they know? “People listen because you have something to say.” We do not need to be loud. It’s about the message not the volume.

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