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The Medallion by Cathy Gohlke

He Makes A Way

The Medallion by Cathy Gohlke is a powerful Christian historical novel set in Nazi occupied Warsaw during WWII. Cathy Gohlke has woven a fictional tale around factual events. Real figures such as Dr Korczak and Irena Sendler put in an appearance in this heart wrenching tale. The fact that we know that these events happens really affects the emotional response to the novel.

As the Nazis marched into Poland, the world seemed silent. “Where was the world?” Poland felt abandoned to its fate and it remained abandoned.

Cathy Gohlke has penned a traumatic tale following two women throughout the war. The novel alternates between their voices as we follow their fates. We witness the bravery – ordinary women who did extraordinary acts of courage to help their fellow man.

Nazi persecution of both Jewish and Polish people was the way of life. There were always those who would report their neighbours. Trust was in short supply. There were those who would put their life on the line. When asked why, the response was: “My husband risks his life each day to save others- because that is what Jesus did, and what He wants us to do.”

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Secrets She Kept by Cathy Gohlke

Choose Life

Secrets She Kept by Cathy Gohlke is a marvellous Christian historical novel that will consume your thoughts and your every waking moment. At the heart of the novel are secrets and choice. We all must choose when we stand at crossroads in life. We always have the choice to do the right thing. We do not always choose what happens to us but we can choose our responses.

The novel is set over two time periods – 1938-1945 in Nazi Germany and 1972 in America and Germany. The voices are those of mother and daughter and in the first person as they alternate the chapters.

Germany in 1972 was still feeling the after effects of the war. “What they think about life, how they viewed the Reich and Hitler’s accomplishments or even executions … I would be very surprised if much of that has changed in their minds.” Fear still lived in the hearts of the Jewish survivors as they realised “prejudice does not disappear because laws change.” There were still German survivors of the war who still believed that they did no wrong. This is utterly, utterly horrifying and had a profound effect on me as I read.

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The Medallion by Cathy Gohlke

Adonai Will Make A Way

The Medallion by Cathy Gohlke is a Christian historical novel set in Poland during World War II. The foundations of the story are factual. Using Cathy Gohlke’s creative imagination a fictional story has been woven around the facts. It is a powerful story that will consume the reader. It tears at your emotions as we see the very worst of humanity and the very best.

The story surrounds two couples – one couple are Polish Jews, the other is a Polish pilot and his English wife. The  novel is set mainly in Poland and closely follows all of the characters.

The reader sees the terrible conditions faced by all Poles but especially the Polish Jews who are herded into the Warsaw ghetto. As “the noose tightens day by day”, the question was asked “where was the world?” It seemed that Poland had been abandoned and no one cared.

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