Thirst Of Steel by Ronie Kendig


Thirst Of Steel by Ronie Kendig is a thrilling Christian suspense. It is the third and final book in the Tox Files series.

Once again Ronie Kendig has spun an intricate tale that keeps the reader on their toes. Familiar characters continue to fight against evil forces. The team is loyal and has each other’s backs.

There is the question of truth and lies. Not everything is as it seems. Going deep undercover means sometimes lines are blurred. Characters risk their own safety to bring others to justice.

A centuries old curse needs to be broken as brilliant minds try to piece old artefacts together.

The novel has a cosmopolitan feel to it as we travel from London to Moscow to America and Latvia, to name but a few. There are spies and counter spies. There was definitely a Cold War feel to the novel even though it is a contemporary setting.

Family is important. They must be protected.

I enjoyed Thirst Of Steel. I did not always follow everything that was going on as there were twists and turns along the way but it was a thrilling read. I think these three books in the Tox Files series would make fabulous movies.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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