She Walks In Power by MaryLu Tyndall

All For One And One For All

She Walks In Power by MaryLu Tyndall is a marvelous Christian historical fantasy adventure. It is the first book in the Protectors Of The Spear series which promises to be fabulous.

Life is a spiritual battle. There is so much more than we can see, hear and touch. The powers of God wrestle with demons. “When the night horrors come, read this [God’s Word] aloud.” We need to defeat evil with faith and by standing firm on the Word of God. At His name the demons will flee – fight the enemy by saying the name of Jesus.

The action is set in the Middle Ages. At this time the Bible was in Latin and it was believed that a priest was needed to quote the Word of God. We do not need anyone to stand as a bridge between us and God because of the sacrifice of Jesus. We can boldly approach God’s throne. “You don’t need to pray to a dead saint nor pay for your sins.” We need no third party. We can go straight to the Father because of the Son.

We need to tune into the voice of God. We must not let our emotions or our fears drown out the voice of God. “Feed your fear to the truth.” When we have faith, there is no room for fear.

Some believe that for prayers to be heard we need to make them elaborate. Prayer is merely a conversation with God and should be as natural as breathing. “They [the prayers] were simple and forthright as if God Himself sat around the fire with them.”

The story has a supernatural element to it. There is much that we do not understand but we do know that God can be trusted. We need to keep our eyes on the Light and remember that God has defeated all the powers of darkness “ ‘Can you not put out this light of His?’ ‘He is the light.’ “

There is the theme of trust. We can trust God and sometimes He places something in us because He trusts us to do the right thing. This is an honour but it can feel overwhelming at times. We need to fix our eyes on Him and remember that our race is not that of an individual but it is a relay race. We need to be mindful of others running with us.

She Walks In Power was a thrilling adventure. It was a departure from my usual time period and genre, having not read much fantasy before. I loved it. There were elements of both Robin Hood and the three musketeers. Over all of the action was the voice and heart of God. There were many lessons to be learnt. I cannot wait for the subsequent books.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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