An Impossible Thing Called Love by Belinda Missen

Perfectly Charming

An Impossible Thing Called Love by Belinda Missen is the most charming, fun filled, delightful contemporary romance that will leave you feeling good.

A wonderful humorous look at love, with two lead characters exchanging many amusing dialogues. This book will have you smiling throughout as a great love radiates from its pages. I found An Impossible Thing Called Love very reminiscent of the film Love Story – the great love is tangible for all to feel.

The characters are perfectly drawn. I could ‘see’ them in my mind’s eye, but more than that, I could ‘feel’ them. I felt an emotional attachment to them, as if the characters reached out from the pages of the book and touched my heart – never have I felt such an emotional response to fictional characters before.

The reader is in for a cosmopolitan treat as the action travels from Edinburgh to Australia to London to Paris, the city of love.

I really cannot praise An Impossible Thing Called Love highly enough. It’s a perfectly charming feel good read with characters that remain long after the book is ended.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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