Innocence Denied by Mike Garrett

A Taster

Innocence Denied by Mike Garrett is on its way… due out 21st February 2019, why not pre order your copy today? This is a work of love and a work of great beauty. I was fortunate to read it last summer… and oh wow have I been dying to shout about this book!

Not long to go now before I can share my whole review but how about a taster?

“This is a man who loves God. He knows that bad things happen to good people. They are not caused by God. Like Job, he is faithful, loving God through all circumstances. His faith is catching.”

Have I whetted your appetite? Don’t just take my word for it, check out the web page for Innocence Denied and see what others are saying.

There’s info about the author and why he wrote the book.

Remember the date 21st February 2019… do not miss out on what deserves to be the latest best seller.


Innocence Denied web page



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