As High As The Heavens by Julie S Smith

Praise You In The Storm

As High As The Heavens by Julie S Smith is the traumatic account of the rape and recovery into a new ‘normal’ that affected a Christian family. The account is emotionally harrowing.

The family knew God but the victim’s mother struggled to see Him at the time. “How had this happened and why hadn’t He prevented it?” She asked “Where was God in all this?” And she tried to sort it all out in her own strength. “I’d forgotten to factor God into my worries.”

The account is written through the eyes of the mother but there is also a chapter from the victim, her brother and her father. The victim remained strong in her faith. “Despite the trauma… I felt sure God was protecting me.” Her father was strong too. “I don’t think I would have survived had I not had God to cling to.”

The whole family was traumatised. They were all victims in one way or another as they had welcomed the rapist into their family – he was their son-in-law married to the elder daughter.

Feelings of guilt abounded. The family clung together, supported by their church family. They rested in the arms of God as they fought their way back to a new ‘normal.’

Julie S Smith has been brutally honest in her account. She questioned God, lost sight of Him, got angry and ultimately found Him again.

A powerful, disturbing and harrowing account of a very brave and loving family, and a God who never left them, even though at times it felt like it.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




One thought on “As High As The Heavens by Julie S Smith

  1. This book was a major insight into a family, who although ‘typical’ was anything but, a harrowing incident of great magnitude. Expressed and detailed in a down to earth manner. Making it extremely real and challenging alongside heart wrenching to read.
    God is the answer to all our needs. How the wickedness of one man ruined many lives. How rebuilding and reaching out to God is so essential at all times of our lives. This was portrayed so very well and encourages us all that bad things, evil acts can be overcome by the power of prayer through our Saviour.

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