Lane Steen by Candace West

Amazing Grace

Lane Steen by Candace West is a Christian historical family novel that is grounded in God.

There are the themes of redemption and second chances. No one is ever too far from the grace of God. In Him we can all have new beginnings.

Walking through life without God is tough. We need Him to help us through all of life. Sometimes we doubt His presence. “If there is a God, please hear me now.” Or we doubt that He sees us. “God are You there? Can You see me?” God never leaves us but walks alongside us. Sometimes life blinds us to His presence.

There are the difficult topics of domestic and child abuse and alcoholism. When alcohol gets a hold, personalities change – anger rears its head and drink is craved. Families suffer. sometimes in silence. We need someone to stand by the vulnerable and hurting. There is the theme of taking care of the widows and orphans.

We all want to belong and to know our roots. Ultimately we want to belong to God Who will never let us down.

Giving our problems to God promotes healing. Some things we cannot do alone, we need His power. “With God’s help I could find a way out of this hatred.”

We must live out our faith. For some, we are the only Christians they will see. “A faith that showed itself more often in actions than words.”

Education is important. Education can raise us above our circumstances. Education brings choice.

A name change is significant as it signifies a change in character.

We all need good, true friendships that show kindness and love.

This is Candace West’s first novel – what a marvellous epic read it is. Full of godly wisdom and themes with wonderful characters and a very well thought out plot. Why not pick up Lane Steen today and give yourself a real treat, transporting you back to 1909?

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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