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As High As The Heavens by Julie S Smith

Praise You In The Storm

As High As The Heavens by Julie S Smith is the traumatic account of the rape and recovery into a new ‘normal’ that affected a Christian family. The account is emotionally harrowing.

The family knew God but the victim’s mother struggled to see Him at the time. “How had this happened and why hadn’t He prevented it?” She asked “Where was God in all this?” And she tried to sort it all out in her own strength. “I’d forgotten to factor God into my worries.”

The account is written through the eyes of the mother but there is also a chapter from the victim, her brother and her father. The victim remained strong in her faith. “Despite the trauma… I felt sure God was protecting me.” Her father was strong too. “I don’t think I would have survived had I not had God to cling to.”

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