You Were Made For This by Michelle Sacks

Secrets, Lies And Illusions

You Were Made For This by Michelle Sacks is a contemporary novel concerning secrets, lies and illusions.

A supposedly idyllic life is to be found in Sweden but life is what we make it, regardless of external circumstances. We cannot escape from who we are.

Best friends forever or fierce jealous rivals? There is a thin line between love and hate. The world sees one face but underneath it can be quite different.

The perfect life? Or the perfect lie? Is our life merely an illusion? Do we show the world what it wants to see? Or do we present our real faces?

Having a baby is supposed to be a happy event but what happens when you are struck down with the baby blues? To what lengths will we go to present the perfect lie?

Serial adultery is a theme within the novel. For me, there was far too much detail given. I skipped chunks of the novel. It did not detract from the overall story though.

The plotline was well thought out and executed. With a murder mystery thrown in to the mix, there is something for everyone. The story is written in three different voices which did confuse me at times as I had to check who was speaking.

An entertaining tale.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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