Red Sky Over America by Tamera Lynn Kraft

When God Opens Your Eyes

Red Sky Over America by Tamera Lynn Kraft is a Christian historical romance. It is the first book in the Ladies Of Oberlin series and is a marvellous read.

The novel deals with the evils of slavery. America was very much divided over this abhorrent evil practice but the abolitionists were gaining ground.

Seemingly God fearing men were ignorant about owning slaves, believing they were possessions’. But “slaves were not livestock. They were people.” A fact many in the South ignored. When challenged “it’s just the way things are in the South.” “The magnificence of nature… contrasted with the ugliness of slavery.”

The book has some hard to read scenes with lynching, beatings and general cruelty. People seen to be helping slaves were treated in a similar fashion.

There were good people pressing for change, speaking out for the slaves and smuggling them to the comparative safety in the North.

God speaks to our hearts. We need to listen and obey Him. If we have a dilemma we should “pray about it and do what God says.”

There were some good relationships within the story. The leading lady had a kind heart and treated everyone she met as a person once her eyes were opened. When God opens our eyes, we cannot ‘unsee’ what He has revealed.

The whole world is our mission field. We do not need to travel overseas to spread the Gospel when our neighbours need to hear the Good News too.

Red Sky Over America was a powerful and emotional read surrounding the vile trade of slavery. It was gripping and engrossing as well as horrifying. An epic read.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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