Rosie by Bill Whiting

Very Touching

Rosie by Bill Whiting is a most beautiful and touching account of life, loss and love.

Following the death of his wife, Bill Whiting felt lost and alone. Grief “hit me like a bursting dam.” The hole left by his wife consumed. He realised that little irritations over the years and “working for tomorrow’s happiness” meant nothing when your life partner is gone. “All the gold in the world could not buy her back.” Rosie is an account of very raw grief.

However hope reached out beyond the grave in the form of a small Schnauzer puppy called Rosie. “Utter helplessness meeting total hopelessness.” Bill Whiting’s wife knew that he would need a new purpose after she was gone.

The book tells of Bill Whiting’s new found bond with Rosie. She becomes the love of his life, establishing that rules are there to be broken. The account is very beautiful and very touching. Have the tissues close by. I certainly needed them.

Bill Whiting shares some of his life with the reader. We hear about past events and present predicaments. What shines out from the book is love. A love that lasts a lifetime. A love that cannot be replaced. Loss is helped by the love of and the love for a little dog called Rosie.

Perfect for pet lovers. Perfect for those who have loved and lost. Perfect for anyone.

A beautiful love that does not die.

I received this book for free from Net Galley. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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