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The Way Back by Bill Whiting

Making A Difference

The Way Back by Bill Whiting is a delightful contemporary bittersweet tale about friendship, life and true treasure.

The focus of the novel is on two characters in their seventies, an ugly dog and an independent cat. They are a wonderful set of individuals that complement each other. They all moved into my heart.

Written in the first person from a male point of view, I immediately felt empathy for his plight and completely at home with the open, frank, engaging style. With a major theme of loneliness and a feeling of being past his prime, the reader could be forgiven for thinking this may be a depressing read – but far from it. It was full of humor, insights into character and snatches of wisdom gained over a lifetime. Hopefulness rises in the form of an ugly, battle scarred mutt in need of a helping hand. “Hope had bought me to this place, and I was staring into the gnarled face of hopelessness.”

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Rosie by Bill Whiting

Very Touching

Rosie by Bill Whiting is a most beautiful and touching account of life, loss and love.

Following the death of his wife, Bill Whiting felt lost and alone. Grief “hit me like a bursting dam.” The hole left by his wife consumed. He realised that little irritations over the years and “working for tomorrow’s happiness” meant nothing when your life partner is gone. “All the gold in the world could not buy her back.” Rosie is an account of very raw grief.

However hope reached out beyond the grave in the form of a small Schnauzer puppy called Rosie. “Utter helplessness meeting total hopelessness.” Bill Whiting’s wife knew that he would need a new purpose after she was gone.

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