The Adornment One by Adah Doebele

How Big Is Your Box?

The Adornment One by Adah Doebele is a personal testimony. Born in Kenya, Adah Doebele relates her story from the start. It is a story that will bring tears to your eyes. She was seen as ‘worthless’ in her mother’s eyes and subjected to awful acts of cruelty. As a Mum living in the UK, I was horrified and appalled at the treatment of a young girl.

Adah Doebele’s story through her teenage years does not improve. Everyone seems to put on her and bring her down. It is a tragic tale but there are bright spots – giving birth to a daughter. “I had… a reason to live.” All her energies were placed into bringing up and loving her children. She was a good mother in spite of having a terrible role model in her own.

Forgiveness is a thread running throughout. “Forgiving is easier for me than begrudging.” Life has not made Adah Doebele bitter.

Throughout the book the reader sees that Adah Doebele knows about God but she does not really know God. She seemed to be trying to work her way to Salvation. She did her bit and then God joined her. “I had God in a… small box. I had limited Him to only what I could perceive with my human eyes.” How often are we guilty of putting God in a small box?

God had something different planned. Introduced to Him, Adah Doebele feared “I felt God would not accept me after I had made such a mess of my life.” God loves to take our messes and make them into something beautiful. No one is ever too far from God’s love and grace.

The Adornment is a difficult read at times due to the cruelty inflicted. I longed to reach out and put my arms around Adah and hug her.

As the book ended Adah Doebele had just accepted the Lord as her Saviour. I am going to start book two now to see the continuation of her testimony.

Thank you Adah and bless you for your honesty, your courage and your heart.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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3 thoughts on “The Adornment One by Adah Doebele

  1. I love that God takes our messes and turns them into something beautiful. Sounds like a book to read with a box of tissues nearby.

  2. Hello Julia!
    Long time! How have you been?

    I have a huge favour to ask. Can you please please review my latest book, I Am NOT A Victim? Problem is that I only have it in soft copy.


  3. Hello Adah, you are a beautiful person, i just saw your story on Afrimax and got inspired by your story, how can i get your book, i would like to read it
    i was very intrigued

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