The Adornment Two by Adah Doebele

The Father’s Heart And Life Lessons

The Adornment Two by Adah Doebele is a book written to glorify God. The reader gets glimpses into Adah Doebele’s life as well as life lessons of God. Everything that is said is backed up with scripture. This book certainly gives God the glory.

Adah Doebele writes of God’s plans. He has a plan for everyone who calls on His name. “God had a plan for my brokenness.” No one is ever excluded from God’s love.

We need to listen for God’s call on our lives. “God whispers more often than He yells.” We cannot hear Him if other voices are drowning Him out. We need to silence all other voices but God’s.

Jesus desires to be our one and only. Too often we turn to Jesus as an afterthought. He needs to be first in our lives. “We fit Jesus in, rather than putting Him first.” When Jesus is correctly positioned, everything else slots in.

God’s timing is perfect. We must not rush His timing or we may miss out.

The Adornment Two is a marvellous book full of Godly truths and scripture. If we apply God’s words to our lives, we will be enriched.

Bless you Adah Doebele for sharing the heart of God and His life lessons with us.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.


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One thought on “The Adornment Two by Adah Doebele

  1. “When Jesus is correctly positioned, everything else slots in.” So very true!! I’m not familiar with this author, but I love the premise of her book!!

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