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The Adornment One by Adah Doebele

How Big Is Your Box?

The Adornment One by Adah Doebele is a personal testimony. Born in Kenya, Adah Doebele relates her story from the start. It is a story that will bring tears to your eyes. She was seen as ‘worthless’ in her mother’s eyes and subjected to awful acts of cruelty. As a Mum living in the UK, I was horrified and appalled at the treatment of a young girl.

Adah Doebele’s story through her teenage years does not improve. Everyone seems to put on her and bring her down. It is a tragic tale but there are bright spots – giving birth to a daughter. “I had… a reason to live.” All her energies were placed into bringing up and loving her children. She was a good mother in spite of having a terrible role model in her own.

Forgiveness is a thread running throughout. “Forgiving is easier for me than begrudging.” Life has not made Adah Doebele bitter.

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