Right In The Middle But Left Out by Jeffery Trees

Evil Exists

Right In The Middle But Left Out by Jeffery Trees is a book about a little written about subject – incest and its effect on family members down the generations.

The cycle of sin needs to be broken. The past needs to be faced no matter how painful.

Jeffery Trees has written a firsthand account of what it is like to be married to a victim of incest. To be walking in the dark, stumbling around, trying to make sense of his newfound knowledge. “I leaned on Christ as the only source of my sanity.” What else can you do but turn to God?

There are raw emotions of pain, of hurt, of anger, of total disbelief – how could those meant to protect the innocent be so evil? It is natural to question even God’s goodness. “How could God allow it to happen?”

God walks alongside us in our situations. We can see “God’s loving hands are in the midst of our situations” as we look back with hindsight.

All sin is sin. Surely some sin is worse than others? It is hard, when reading a book like this, to comprehend that there are no gradients to sin. Sin is sin. God’s grace covers all sin.

This book is an uncomfortable read. It is an area that is seldom talked about but it happens. We need to face facts and be there to help the victims. We need to “kill hatred and anger with kindness and love.”

A brutally honest and painful read but a necessity if we are to shine the light of Jesus in a dark world.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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