Cookies And Candlelight by Elizabeth Maddrey

Shining A Light


Cookies And Candlelight by Elizabeth Maddrey is a deliciously delightful contemporary Christian romance and part of the Arcadia Valley series. It can be read as a stand-alone.

This Arcadia Valley collection has produced some wonderful stories that are linked by characters, food and the theme of sustainability. This novel concentrates on good food, locally produced and sourced, with one eye very much on the carbon footprint. We have a duty of care to look after God’s earth. With much of Cookies And Candlelight set in a bakery, the reader has their taste buds tempted by all the baked goodies.

Elizabeth Maddrey has produced warm and wonderful characters that just lodge themselves in the reader’s heart. There is a fabulous family atmosphere and the reader ‘feels’ included in the action.

The novel has many themes including that of God’s plans. When we reach a crossroads in life, we need to pray for guidance and follow God’s direction. “She still hadn’t mastered the habit of taking things to God when she needed to make a decision.” Prayer is the best thing we can do at all times, and not just when we face crucial points in our lives.

God is the God of restoration and new beginnings. When we say ‘yes’ to God, we are a new creation. We may still be in our normal habitat but we are now required to be a light for Jesus and shine His love in the dark places.

The novel has the discussion of sin and forgiveness. Non Christians live by a different set of rules to Christians. If we find ourselves in danger of slipping back into old patterns, we can turn to God and ask for both His strength and forgiveness.

Grief is also touched upon. “Moving on didn’t mean forgetting.” We all need to move forwards into the future but we do not need to forget the past.

There is the theme of scars. “My scars are too visible.” Sometimes our scars can be seen, and not others. We all pick up scars along the way.

Appearances and foundations are duel themes. For some, life is about appearances and power. These produce a foundation of sand. Far better to build our lives on Our Rock, Jesus, the only firm foundation.

There is the motif of clay in the potter’s hand. This is us being formed by God’s hand. He heats us, wets us, moulds us and turns us until we are perfectly formed in the image of Jesus.

I adore Elizabeth Maddrey’s writings. I cannot get enough of them. Cookies And Candlelight was another wonderful read that I cannot recommend highly enough.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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