Wheresoever They May Be by Terri Wangard

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Wheresoever They May Be by Terri Wangard is an epic Christian novel covering the war years 1943- 1945. As a historian I really enjoyed reading it. As a reader I loved getting to know the characters.

The novel covers many aspects of the war as it roams from America to Europe to the Pacific. Life on the home front, life in the navy, life in the air force, life for the WAC’s – the reader experiences life on the factory floor, in the skies, on the seas and on the land. Everyone suffers. There are no winners in war. Mothers lose sons on all sides. There is only one constant. “People may let me down… But God is a constant.”

In war it seems like no one is in control. No one but God can see the bigger picture. People will always need God but a relationship with Him in times of war is vital. “God is good and He’s in control. That doesn’t stop bad things from happening.” We have to believe in the goodness of God, especially when our eyes are telling us something entirely different.

War divides and war unites. Sibling rivalry in the face of an enemy seems pointless. Relationship bridges are rebuilt.

The novel shows the level of trust and dependability on others that is needed in times of war. Everyone must work together to secure victory.

When staring death in the face, people react differently. Some retain their moral code, others abandon it completely.

Everyone cries in the same language. Women and children suffer in mainland Europe as parts are destroyed. No matter what their nationality, their needs are the same – food, shelter, warmth and love.

Terri Wangard’s epic novel really ‘spoke’ to me both as a historian and as a reader. Through her comprehensive descriptions I ‘saw’ and ‘felt’ the scenes and the action. Now that the novel is ended I am torn between a feeling of loss and a feeling of hope. The circle of life continues – there is both birth and death.

Wheresoever They May Be has given my emotions a roller coaster ride. I feel like I really have been wrung through the wringer. Wheresoever They May Be is a marvellous tale but you will need tissues as you ‘live’ the highs and lows, the loves and losses of World War II.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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