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Mercy Triumphs by Jana Kelley is a powerful contemporary Christian story of the difficulties of being a Christian in a Muslim country. It is the third book in the Door To Freedom series which has been absolutely cracking.

There are many themes in the novel including obedience and trust. Muslim women are supposed to be obedient to the male head of the household but there is One who deserves our obedience more. “She wouldn’t give up Isa… she wouldn’t deny the truth.” To trust and follow Jesus in the Sudan brings shame to a Muslim family. To follow Jesus means to trust Him completely because apart from Him, you will be alone. Death of a daughter is seen as preferable to your daughter becoming a Christian.

Our comfortable lives in the west contrast with those in the Sudan. We have so much stuff and choice, and yet people are dying in Africa for lack of the basic necessities.

“Wherever we are, people need Jesus.” Our mission field is not necessarily overseas. Our mission field may be right where we are. How will people know about Jesus if we do not tell them?

Being a Christian means “my story is part of God’s grand story.” We all have a part to play in God’s story. We need to keep focused on Him and follow His plan for our lives.

Some people are more receptive to Jesus than others. “Layers and layers of traditions and habits covered Hanaan’s heart.” It is hard for some to let go of their upbringing and hear the truth of Jesus’ message.

Mercy Triumphs is a twofold story. The series has followed a missionary family and also a young Sudanese girl. They have all become dear to my heart. The struggles faced by Christians in the Sudan on a daily basis are incredible. I have had my eyes opened.

Jana Kelley has produced a marvellous series. I have ‘travelled’ to faraway places while remaining in the safety and comfort of my armchair. Through detailed descriptions I could almost ‘feel’ the heat and ‘taste’ the sand. I have learnt to appreciate the things I take for granted – my Bible and my religious freedom.

Door To Freedom is educational, an enlightening and an all round fabulous series. Thank you Jana Kelley for writing it.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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