Season Of Deception by Sara Jane Jacobs

Firm Roots

Season Of Deception by Sara Jane Jacobs continues the story begun in Season Of Hope. It was wonderful to catch up with familiar characters in this Christian romantic suspense.

There are many themes including that of trust. Being thrust into the limelight and the public eye means finding trustworthy people can be hard. Sometimes those closest to us, are the least trustworthy.

This links to both the wicked stepmother and deception themes. The reader is privy to all that is going on, whilst characters were in the dark. In my head I was screaming “Can’t you see what’s going on?” It certainly added to the suspense which built and built – rather like my heart rate and blood pressure!

There is a wonderful air of friendship and love permeating the whole novel. Good friends can be hard to find but should be cherished and kept.

In spite of the novel being set in America, there was a wonderful air of Englishness to it. One character simply oozed English charm with both the speech and mannerisms which were delightful to witness.

Equally delightful were the ‘fun’ dialogue exchanges between two of the characters.

There was a wonderful feeling of freshness to the novel as the lead character was kind, open and down to earth. The roots of the character remained intact, not being lured by money, power or fame. Other characters succumbed to the lull of all three as they tried to exert control over everyone.

There was a real cosmopolitan feel to the novel as the action moved from New York City to Paris. These locations contrasted sharply with the clear air of Nathan’s Mountain. Thanks to Sara Jane Jacob’s comprehensive descriptions, the reader could fully experience the book.

I have thoroughly enjoyed both Season Of Hope and Season Of Deception. The books have ended – for now. I am hoping the tale continues as I, for one, would love to know what happens next.

A perfectly wonderful read.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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