My Promise by Noah Bolinder

His Song

My Promise by Noah Bolinder is the most beautiful Christian love story. I really cannot put into words just how beautiful it is. My soul is soothed. My heart is full. My eyes are opened.

My Promise starts like any other story but finishes like no other story. As I read through the book, slowly but surely my eyes were opened. My heart and head began to comprehend the enormity of the love contained within its pages.

The novel is the study of art – art in music, in pictures, in films and in writing. As the main character seeks to educate those around him, so the reader is educated too. The beauty is in the detail. The bigger picture is just an overview, we must delve deeper.

At my church, Lifecentral Halesowen, we presently have a Sunday series called At The Movies. My Promise is very similar in that it too, in that it looks at secular movies and pulls out the Christian themes. These themes all reveal the heart of God.

The novel is a search for identity. A search to belong. We all have the need to love and to be loved, without realising we are already loved more than we could ever know.

There is also a discussion about happiness. Different things make different people happy but only One will truly satisfy.

As a film lover and an avid reader, I really appreciated all the references about books, films and songs that I knew. My eyes were opened to their major themes and purpose.

My Promise also contains chunks of scripture – scripture that is explained and also designed to draw us closer to God.

Names and colours are important. Colours are used as motifs – for what? You must read the book as I am not revealing it for you. It is a journey of discovery for both the characters and the reader.

I really loved My Promise. It is a work of great beauty. A beauty that I did not fully appreciate until I came to the end of the book and then it just dropped into my soul. My Promise is a book that I believe will reveal more each time you read it. Yes it is a novel. Yes second time around you will know the story – but the story is far bigger than you can grasp in just one reading.

Grab a copy of My Promise today and beginning your journey of beauty and discovery.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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