Sunshine by Joy Ohagwu

You Are So Good


Sunshine by Joy Ohagwu is a Christian suspense. It is the ninth and final book in the New Rulebook series and what a cracking end it is. The book even contains a bonus chapter. Everything is neatly wrapped up.

Sunshine focuses on mission. We are all called to be missionaries – some in our neighbourhoods, others overseas. Most of this book is set in Cambodia. Through comprehensive descriptions, the reader ‘feels’ the heat and ‘experiences’ the landscape, whilst ‘seeing’ the poverty.

In contrast to the west, the people are rich in spirit. They share what they have with those in need. Even in their poverty, they give. They have huge thankful and grateful hearts.

We are called to be the church. “We share about Christ, and we show them Christ through what we do.” We are to be Jesus; hands and feet to a hurting world.

Praise and worship are important. We praise God for who He is, at all times. In the bad, we praise and trust that He is good.

Prayer is vital. We must remember to thank God for all His goodness as well as asking for help in situations.

God is a God of second chances and transformations. The reader has witnessed the transformation of a character throughout the series. It has been a joy to behold and a reminder that in Christ, we are a new creation.

This New Rulebook series has been great. Sunshine is a fitting climax. A perfect afternoon’s read.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.





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