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A Modern Day Fairytale With A Twist

Just one of the stories.

A Courtship For Clover by Marion Ueckermann is a most delightful contemporary Christian romance that will warm the cockles of your heart. Continuing the tale of the Blume sisters and focusing on Clover, the reader is in for a real treat – the promised fairytale wedding from a previous book.

A Courtship For Clover really is a most delicious read. The reader sinks into the novel and lets the action wash over. A charming read with all the elements for an escapist read – handsome men, beautiful women, dreamy settings, lovely dresses. It’s a real treat to read.

However there is an unexpected element. It is a story of two halves – a modern day fairytale with a hint of menace. Just as the reader is comfortably wallowing, pulses and heart rates rise as we speed to the conclusion.

God is ever present. He desires a relationship with us. He does not want us to bargain with Him. He wants us to come as we are. To trust that He is good, even when circumstances are difficult.

There are themes of jealousy, revenge, forgiveness and prayer. The novel really does have something for everyone.

I always love Marion Ueckermann’s novels and especially this Seven Suitors For Seven Sisters series. The stories are like sinking into comfy slippers while eating chocolate. They just warm my heart and soothe my soul.

For a modern day fairytale with a twist and that makes you feel good, choose A Courtship For Clover today.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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