A Secret Courage by Tricia Goyer

Trusting In Times Of War

A Secret Courage by Tricia Goyer is a marvellous nail biting, Christian historical suspense. It is the first book in The London Chronicles and what a fabulous series that promises to be.

With the action set in 1943, at the heart of the war, everyone is on high alert. A military house where staff are working on top secret photos and documents, plunges the reader into a world of secrets and lies, agents and double agents, espionage and intrigue. The theme of trust runs deep. “Loose lips sink ships” means secrets must be kept and mouths guarded.

The theme of trust extends to God. He is the Rock and can be trusted. “The only thing she could fix her mind on, was God.” War focuses people. They either run to God or away. “She’d believed in God most when the world seemed a safe, good place, but he had found Him while fighting through the darkness.” Suffering and death make no sense. If God is good, why does He not step in? “You could stop this war.” Life is a battle between good and evil. We have to trust God, especially when life makes no sense.

There is the theme of fathers. Earthly fathers may be absent, for whatever reason. Characters search to belong.

Life hurts. War exemplifies this hurt as people die. Fences are erected around hearts. “She didn’t mind risking her life but the last thing she wanted was to risk her heart.” These are meant to protect from hurt but actually mean lives are lived in isolation. God wants us to bring our hurts to Him. “She’d given her broken, guarded heart to God, and He’d softened it.” God can be trusted with our hearts.

War changes everything – not just the landscape but people too. Hearts may become hardened and loyalties change. War can bring out the best and the worst in people.

Tricia Goyer has spun a fabulous tale in A Secret Courage. With an intricate plot, and twists and turns, even I began to doubt who could be trusted. The leading lady is wonderfully drawn with a strong work ethic, loyalty and a mixture of strong but vulnerable. She is likable and easy to empathise with.

A Secret Courage was a marvellous read and I cannot wait for book two. Tricia Goyer’s books always entertain and inform. I love them.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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