In His Eyes by Stephenia H McGee

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In His Eyes by Stephenia H McGee is a delightful historical Christian romance which I really loved. Set in 1865 in the aftermath of the American Civil War, Stephenia McGee explores the complex relationships that arise.

War has left the nation reeling – homes gone, men dead, people displaced, a world in turmoil. “War made men do things they would never have thought to do.” Everyone is now trying to survive. Unlikely friendships develop as people help each other out.

God is present throughout the novel. He brings hope through His Word (the Bible). People can draw close to God by knowing His Word and knowing The Author.

God is love. He desires a relationship with us all. “Nothing can snatch you from My hand.” There are some truly beautiful scenes in the novel as God tries to draw close to one of His children. I found the words breathtakingly beautiful as I let them penetrate my soul.

The novel has the theme of identity. Our identity is found in Christ. “All that could define Him was the way He’d made her feel.” Jesus paid a high price for each of us. We are all loved. We need to hear His voice above all others. We need to drown out any other voice. “His words pelted her, dragging up time after time she’d failed.” We need to listen to the life affirming voice of Jesus and not the condemning voice of man.

There is the theme of the prodigals returning. Our walk with God may have been strong at one time but then life intervened and we lost sight of God. God never lost sight of us and He waits patiently for us to return to Him.

Sometimes we feel as if God is not there. “Please God, why do You never answer my pleas?” God listens and He hears and He always answers but not always in the way we expect nor in our timing.

There is the theme of trust. We need to trust God at all times because He is good and can be trusted. In the aftermath of war, we have to learn which people can be trusted too.

Honesty is important. Good relationships need to be built on a bed of truth and not lies.

There is the theme of healing – both physical and spiritual.

The civil war was fought over the issue of slavery. The novel shows there is only one race that matters – the human race. There are some beautiful friendships that develop in the novel.

I absolutely adored In His Eyes. It was my first novel by Stephenia H McGee but I want more, more, more.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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