A Spring Of Weddings by Toni Shiloh and Melissa Wardwell

Absolutely Charming

A Spring Of Weddings has two delightful stories one by Toni Shiloh and one by Melissa Wardwell. They have similar themes but both are unique and wonderful warm reads that will speak to your heart.

A Proxy Wedding by Toni Shiloh was the most delightful contemporary Christian romance. Such a sweet story with characters that warmed my heart.

God was very much a focus. He could be seen in nature. Toni Shiloh’s delightful descriptions gave me a ‘view’ of this landscape. Prayers to Him were very much a part of everyday life.

The novella dealt with the theme of past hurts. Anger at God for past situations featured. God can handle our anger. He wants us to be real with Him. And He wants a relationship with us.

Fear was another theme. “Why did he let fear dictate his life?” God wants to take our fears and transform our lives if we will only trust Him. He does not want us to carry burdens that we were never meant to. “You’ve got to be exhausted because you’re doing a job that was never meant to be yours.”

God is the God of second chances and new beginnings. Past mistakes need not be repeated. Our parents choices do not have to resurface in our lives. “Our parents choices do not determine our future.” Trust God to give us new beginnings.

A Proxy Wedding was absolutely delightful. It warmed my heart and made the world seem a better place.

Hope Beyond Savannah by Melissa Wardwell is a charming Christian romance that really spoke to my soul. With its themes of love, family and belonging it was a really sweet story. The love just radiated from the pages.

The novella explored the difficulties faced by a mixed marriage ranging emotions from anger to disappointment made for a rocky road at times. Would love really conquer all?

God is love. We need Him in our lives. Including Him in our marriages will strengthen our union. Love is not just romantic love. Love is sacrificial. Love will do whatever love has to. In the difficult times sometimes the only thing we can do is pray… and trust God for the outcome.

Family is important. Our upbringing can affect us into adulthood. Our past does not have to be our future. We need to trust God and others with our lives.

The novella touches on the theme of childhood neglect resulting in foster homes and a search for love and a home.

Hope Beyond Savannah was both a hopeful and a delightful read. I immersed myself in it and let Melissa Wardwell’s words wash over me like soothing balm.

Totally delightful pair of stories.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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  1. I LOVED this review! I agree that Toni Shiloh’s has “delightful descriptions” and that “Hope Beyond Savannah was both a hopeful and a delightful read.”

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