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The English Proposal by Jenna Brandt

Of Love And Lies

The English Proposal by Jenna Brandt is a Christian historical romance. In spite of being set in Victorian times, it very much had a Regency romance feel to it. It is the first book of a trio in the Window To The Heart series which promises to be an entertaining read.

The English Proposal is the story of a young woman’s awakening – both to God and to the world around her. The world is a harsh place that contrasts sharply to her sheltered upbringing. People are ruined by the love of money and power. Gossip destroys lives as old rivalries surface. Seemingly good people are turned by the promise of more – more power, more money, more greed. The world corrupts if we are not careful. The reader wonders who are the good people? Who can be trusted? And whose heart has turned black?

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