Love Among The Lilacs by Jenna Victoria

Never Look Back

Love Among The Lilacs by Jenna Victoria is a sweet contemporary Christian romance that just spoke to my heart.

There were many themes and one of the main ones was family. Families come in different shapes and sizes. Within the novel there were certainly some contrasting families. Loving families radiated out of the novel, as they took the less fortunate under their wing. The reader could ‘feel’ the love.

Upbringing makes a difference in how we live our adult lives. A poor upbringing may motivate one to break the cycle of poor choices or one may fall in the same trap of repeating parental mistakes. Past baggage may affect present life. It needs to be dropped and trust picked up.

Forgiveness is a major theme. Past hurts may make forgiveness hard to do but “life needs forgiveness to bloom.”

There is the motif of lilacs in the story. The lilacs can be seen as us… both us and the lilacs need love, care and attention to bloom.

The community feel of Grady Cove reaches out of the novel. The reader can ‘feel’ the love and warmth radiating out from the pages.

The characters are wonderfully drawn. My heart was warmed with the honesty and kindness of the lead female. The neighbours were realistically drawn and their kindness and caring was beautiful to witness.

I really enjoyed Love Among The Lilacs. It ‘spoke’ to my heart and warmed my soul. I shall be looking out for more by Jenna Victoria.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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    • Caryl, thanks so much for commenting. ChristianBookaholic’s review was so much appreciated, and warmed my heart… sending positive thoughts on your drawing.

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