Muffins And Moonbeams by Elizabeth Maddrey

Wonderful, Warm And Welcoming

Muffins And Moonbeams by Elizabeth Maddrey is a delightful Christian romance and is the first novel in the Baxter Family Bakery series. It is also part of the Arcadia Valley series and I loved it.

There is a wonderful, warm community feel to the novel which just penetrates the reader’s heart. This close knit community look out for each other and pull together in business and pleasure. They function as the church described in Acts did.

The novel is concerned with the carbon footprint. There is a focus on keeping everything local and using produce in season. Everyone cares for the earth’s resources.

There is the theme of identity. “He didn’t want to be an object. He just wanted to be Malachi.” Malachi doesn’t “want to be ‘the deaf guy.’ ” None of us want to be labelled. We all want to be ourselves and the person God created us to be.

Friendship has no age barriers. Malachi (in his twenties) has a warm friendship with Amos (in his nineties). They are united by their similarities and can each learn from the other.

Families are important. Both ones blood family and the wider church family.

God wants us to live for Him and to believe what He says about us. Too often we do not live as victors as we beat ourselves up. “He was too flawed. Damaged. Unlovable.” This is a lie from the enemy. We need to focus on God and live loved.

The novel shows that the past can affect how we live in the present. “You’re holding on to past hurts, and it’s impacting your ability to love God and others.” We need to hand our hurts over to God and live victorious.

The characters are all wonderfully drawn and engaging. It was so good to meet up with familiar characters from the Arcadia Valley set. I cannot wait for subsequent books from Elizabeth Maddrey as I love all her writings.

A wonderful, warm, welcoming read.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.




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