Door To Freedom by Jana Kelley

God Is Sovereign

Door To Freedom by Jana Kelley is an amazing contemporary Christian novel showing what life is like for Christians living in the predominately Muslim Sudan. It is a powerful novel that highlights the dangers of life. Things that we take for granted, such as our religious freedom can spell death.

Door To Freedom continues where Side By Side left off. The reader has the chance to catch up with familiar characters.

The novel has the theme of God being sovereign. It is in Him that one needs to put ones trust. The novel shows how Americans Michael and Mia try to live out their faith as the first century church did in Acts. They risk persecution but must stand firm and trust God.

Door To Freedom shows the impossible situation Muslims face if they convert to Christianity. “The only thing that will bring honour back to our family name is her blood.” For a westerner this seems horrendous but it is a very real possibility that is faced.

The novel reveals that Christianity is not ‘safe.’ It is impossible to follow Jesus and remain a Muslim. A choice must be made. Jesus is faithful and He is good but the cost of following Him in the Sudan is anything but ‘safe.’

There is the role of women shown in the novel. Men are superior in every way in the Sudan. A male child’s opinion is sought above that of a grown woman. Girls are to obey their fathers. “She would stay home and obey father.” Women had to obey their husbands. Disobedience could spell death.

Life for teenagers who want to break free from the traditional mould is shown to be hard. Difficult choices and deception are faced. Escaping tradition is virtually impossible.

There is the theme of forgiveness. This is never easy but we forgive because Jesus told us to.

Jana Kelley has painted a very realistic picture of life in northern Sudan. Through her words, the sights and smells can be experienced, as well as the oppressive heat and atmosphere.

Door To Freedom was a powerful read. It opened my eyes to the cost of following Jesus in Muslim countries. We take our freedoms for granted but others are not so fortunate.

I can highly recommend Door To Freedom and its predecessor Side By Side. Your eyes and hearts will be opened to the plight of others.

So powerful.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.



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