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Darktown by Thomas Mullen

The Sins Of The Fathers

darktown-bookDarktown by Thomas Mullen is a historical murder mystery. It was a gripping read once you get into it. It is set in Atlant in 1948. It is a city full of corruption and racism both inside and outside the police force. “It was a white cops word against a coloured cop’s.” The eight black police officers have very little power and are subjected to hate from within their own communities as well as from the white Americans.

The amount of racism and hate existing in Atlanta in 1948 is shocking to the modern reader who knows it will be another twenty years and several deaths later before there is significant change. African Americans were good enough to fight in World War II but not good enough to have equality at home. “We defeated the fascists in Europe, yet here they rule.”

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Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas

Another Promise, Another Secret

localLocal Girl Missing by Claire Douglas is a psychological thriller that will have the reader asking questions from the start. With a racing heart you will not be able to put it down.

There are many themes within the novel including the duel ones of truth and lies. Once the lies begin, they carry on coming until life spirals out of control. Then it is hard to see where the lies end and the truth begins. Unearthing the truth can uncover uncomfortable secrets that were thought to be dead and buried.

There is the theme of friendship. A friendship that formed in childhood and lasted into adulthood. If severed one feels lost and bereft. “You’ll always be fixed in time as young and fresh faced.” Friendships are rarely equally yoked. Claire Douglas shows there is often a dominant partner. However at times the ‘weaker’ one may produce an extraordinary strength of character.

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The Garden by K.A Austin

Utterly Beautiful

gardenThe Garden by K.A. Austin – oh wow what a beautiful book. It penetrates the very depth of your soul with its great beauty.

The Garden is an allegorical tale as the author walks through the garden with God. She sees what He sees, asks questions and they work the garden together. “I want you to be one of My gardeners.”

God is very personable and caring. “I looked into His eyes, so tender, so filled with unfathomable love.” I could picture God in my mind’s eye. “He twinkled at me, a little curve in one corner of His mouth.” He is the alpha and the omega. He is all powerful and yet He also draws us close to Him. “‘What is it that you look for?’ ‘A heart willing to be loved.’ ”

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The Girl Under The Olive Tree by Leah Fleming

Remembering The Fight For Their Homes

oliveThe Girl Under The Olive Tree by Leah Fleming is both a contemporary and historical tale. It is set in Greece and Crete during the World War II years and 2001. It is an epic story of love and loss, friends and enemies, good and evil. The Mediterranean atmosphere is evoked by Leah Fleming’s use of language. The reader can almost ‘feel’ the heat. There is both beauty and horror in the landscape “How could there be such devastation on such a beautiful day?”

The story focuses on two brave Red Cross nurses. Their job was to heal the wounded regardless of their nationality. “I have taken vows to nurse all sick, no matter what their nation or religion.”

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