Darktown by Thomas Mullen

The Sins Of The Fathers

darktown-bookDarktown by Thomas Mullen is a historical murder mystery. It was a gripping read once you get into it. It is set in Atlant in 1948. It is a city full of corruption and racism both inside and outside the police force. “It was a white cops word against a coloured cop’s.” The eight black police officers have very little power and are subjected to hate from within their own communities as well as from the white Americans.

The amount of racism and hate existing in Atlanta in 1948 is shocking to the modern reader who knows it will be another twenty years and several deaths later before there is significant change. African Americans were good enough to fight in World War II but not good enough to have equality at home. “We defeated the fascists in Europe, yet here they rule.”

The story surrounds the murder of a black girl. Only black police officers Boggs and Smith seem concerned with getting to the truth. “White detectives couldn’t care less about a dead coloured girl.” The novel follows them as they do what they have to do to reveal the truth.

Not all the white police officers are corrupt. It was refreshing for the reader to follow the fortunes of those who were horrified by the racist elements within the force and who wanted to uncover the truth.

Thomas Mullen writes in great detail. He has clearly researched the topic. The reader can ‘feel’ the oppressive heat of the city that mirrors the oppressive attitudes of the people.

I found Darktown difficult to get into at first but I was soon well and truly hooked. I got caught up in the action and wanted to get to the bottom of the corruption as much as Boggs and Smith.

Darktown was an epic read and one that will get your heart racing.
I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.  No monetary compensation was received and all views expressed are my own.



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