The Secret Diary Of Hendrick Groen 83 Years Old by Hendrick Groen

Life Through Old Eyes

hendrickThe Secret Diary Of Hendrick Groen 83 Years Old by Hendrick Groen is an account of his life during 2013. It was interesting to read of events that actually happened during that year – such as the deaths of Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela. This created a bond between the reader and the author.

Hendrick Groen lives in an old peoples residence aptly named the House Of The Setting Sun. The reader becomes acquainted with his close friends and hears his thoughts on various topics.

Life in the home needs to be more exciting so Hendrick Groen and his friends form the Old But Not Dead Club. They individually arrange surprise outings for the whole group. The closed group becomes so popular that soon many more want to join.

The readers hears about various ailments and doctors appointments. It brings a smile to the reader’s face as Hendrick is told “Good news: no new ailments.” Hendrick lives by the motto “live as if today’s your last day.”

The home is a hotbed of “Gossip, Grousing and Gibberish.” People are very territorial. “If you want to be hated, just try sitting down in someone else’s spot.”

As all residents are elderly, quite a few pass away during the year. Hendrick Groen writes very matter of fact about death and dying and funerals. There was one resident’s passing that did bring a tear to my eye.

The book is not without its humorous moments. I chortled at the idea of seventeen parishioners waiting impatiently for an hour for the vicar to arrive late for the service – only to find out the clocks had gone back an hour!

For fans of diaries, this book is a perfect read and interesting to see life through the eyes of an eighty three year old.
I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.  No monetary compensation was received and all views expressed are my own.







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