Operation Fireworks By Elizabeth Maddrey

God At Work

OpOperation Fireworks by Elizabeth Maddrey is a wonderful Christian novella and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s the third story in the Operation Romance series but can be read as a stand-alone.

God is at the heart of the novella. Characters pray to God and turn to Him when the going gets tough. Faith and trust in God is pivotal. When life presents hard decisions, one needs to trust God to make a way when there seems no way.

Linked in to faith and trust is the theme of how big is your God? “Don’t try to make God smaller than He is.” Sometimes we limit God’s size and our expectations. God is bigger than we think, so dream big and see God in action.

Elizabeth Maddrey deals with the topic of teenage pregnancy and an unwed mother. She presents this sensitively. The young mother regrets her behaviour but does not regret her son. He is the love of her life and at the centre of her world.

Within the novel is the theme of family. There is actual family and there is the Christian camp for youngsters that functions like a family. Elizabeth Maddrey shows that it is important for people to feel loved and to belong.

Education is another theme. Education can give choice. Sean aged fifteen wonders about being a marine rather than going to college. He is advised to go to college and then become a marine. Education is important.

Operation Fireworks deals with the theme of forgiveness. It is important to ask for, to receive and to give forgiveness. Unforgiveness creates a barrier between us and God. Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is the face in the mirror.

I always adore Elizabeth Maddrey’s books and can highly recommend them all. Give yourself a treat and buy Operation Fireworks today.

I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.  No monetary compensation was received and all views expressed are my own.






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