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Yella’s Prayers by Nadine C Keels

The Difficult Years

Yella’s Prayers by Nadine C Keels is a young adultĀ  Christian coming of age novel set at the turn of the twenty first century. It is jam packed full of Godly themes whilst focusing on a handful of teenagers.

Life can be confusing for teens on the cusp of adulthood and Nadine Keels perfectly portrays the teens dilemmas. There are the constant pressures of drugs, sex and looking good. These struggles and conflicts are shown in the novel.

Within the book there is the difficult topic of domestic abuse. This affects not just the abused and abuser but there is the fall-out to the family. This is all realistically portrayed as the victim constantly blames themself and comes up with excuses for the abuser. The reader feels the tension within the family.

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