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When Polly Met Olly by Zoe May

Discovering The Real You

When Polly Met Olly by Zoe May is a really delightful fun, light-hearted contemporary read. It will leave you smiling and feeling good about life.

The characters are a wonderful mix of unique personalities that blend together – from the Cornish heroine to the playboy executive to the corporate lawyer to the head of the dating agency and more – I loved them all. There are some big personalities and some even bigger hearts within the novel. You can take the girl out of Cornwall but you cannot take Cornwall out of the girl. Lead character Polly really is like a breath of fresh air. Her bubbly personality is infectious and infuses both the reader and the other characters.

There are many themes including those of being true to yourself, following your dreams and being real. When life intrudes, sometimes our dreams get buried but we need to resurrect those dreams and begin to live again, believing in ourselves. Life is so short, we need to live it.

Camaraderie is to be found amongst the characters you wouldn’t normally associate of being together. Experience these unusual pairings and enjoy some laughs along the way.

There are some very light hearted moments in the book that had me smiling and feeling good.

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