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Voices From The Past – The Woman by Elizabeth Uywin

Looking At The Stars

Voices From The Past – The Woman by Elizabeth Uywin is the final book in the Voices From The Past trilogy. It is another captivating read as we follow Mary Cole through the war years to 1947.

Having read all three books back-to-back, it has been a powerful journey with Mary Cole. I have been totally emotionally invested since the first page of book one.

In this final book, Mary Cole becomes a land girl. It was a hard life as she was billeted with a Norfolk farmer who had no time for Londoners. Once more, Mary’s sunny personality shines through as she rolls up her sleeves and does her bit for the war effort.

Throughout the trilogy we have seen Mary’s heart of compassion for others – whether it was her sister, those bombed out or a lady whose house flooded – Mary’s heart is huge.

War brought losses – and not always through bombs. There were personal tragedies that would last a lifetime. “I’ve just lost a child… I have to believe that someone somewhere is taking care of my boy. The thought of Jesus being with him helps me cope.” What a heart-breaking scene. We witness the importance of faith in a life. This ordinary life of faith contrasts with that of the parish priest who seems more interested in high teas and a tit for tat type of religion.

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