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More Precious Than Gold by Renee Yancy

A Slice Of History

More Precious Than Gold by Renee Yancy is a marvellous historical novel that surrounds the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918.

The novel is mainly set in New York City. It is a city of two halves – the haves and the have-nots. There are residents over-flowing with wealth and there are whole families living in squalor in just one room. The flu visited rich and poor alike. It showed no favoritism.

There are those who care only for wealth and titles. Their generosity is always for personal gain. In contrast there are those with pure hearts who long to help those who cannot help themselves – the poor and the children. Those with the biggest hearts are rich in love.

The world is teetering on a new age. World War I has opened up new avenues for women. We witness those who strive to be more than just trinkets on a man’s arm. There are still old-fashioned ideas to push against.

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