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Traces Of Her by Amanda Brittany

Hunting For The Conclusion

Traces Of Her by Amanda Brittany is a fabulous heart racing contemporary psychological suspense. I was intrigued and glued from the start.

The novel is very cleverly constructed drawing the reader in immediately. It is set in 2001 and present day, from alternating points of view in the first person. As we ‘hear’ different voices, we know who they all are except one. I was gripped and guessing as to who this was, but failed in my attempts.

A cold case murder comes alive as a daughter searches to solve who killed her mum when she was young. She travels to Cornwall and unleashes a can of worms.

Family is important. Love binds members together. Twisted love blows relationships apart. A mother’s love is fiercely protective.

There is the theme of control. Control may be exercised in a number of ways but it is never good.

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