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The Sycamore Stand Off by Stacey Weeks


The Sycamore Stand Off by Stacey Weeks is a contemporary Christian novel with a strong godly message.

The story surrounds an ancient sycamore which is well-rooted and has withstood all that the elements have thrown it over the years. We can see parallels in our lives. We need to be deeply rooted in God in order to withstand the elements of life. When we know whose we are, we will be able to withstand all that life throws at us.

We all have a past. We need to learn from our pasts as we move into our futures. Our pasts are not meant to drag us down. Our faults and failures need to be given to God who wants us to live in freedom and not burdened down.

Alone we are powerless. Together we are stronger. The tale shows a community that pulls together can defeat those who seek to harm us. Sometimes we erect walls to keep us safe but the reality is that we become isolated. We need to demolish the walls and let others in.

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