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The Rescue by S L Rosewarne

Most Delightful

The Rescue by S L Rosewarne is a most delightful contemporary novel that I adored.

It is a unique tale that is told in the first person from the point of view of the dog. Normally we think we rescue our pets but just sometimes they rescue us.

S L Rosewarne has perfectly captured the essence of Moll with her words – we really do see the world through doggy eyes.

This is a book about grief and love. Both are entwined. There is a love that is wrenched apart by death. We also see the concept of death through Moll’s eyes as she still ‘talks’ to her owner in their special part of the beach.

There is a beautiful bond between Moll and her owners. When one is left behind, Moll sees it as her mission to make her smile again and to fulfill her owners dying wish. Moll interprets this as needing to find another love interest – but where her owner pours her heart out is not always where we expect it to be.

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