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The Pink Bonnet by Liz Tolsma

Emotional And Horrifying

The Pink Bonnet by Liz Tolsma is a marvellous Christian historical suspense that will have your heart racing and your emotions ripped to shreds.

In The Pink Bonnet fact meets fiction as Liz Tolsma weaves her story around the real life figure of Georgia Tann who kidnapped children and sold them to the highest bidder. The story is set in 1933. It is a difficult read. Liz Tolsma has perfectly captured the despair and grief of the mothers whose children go missing. It is horrendous to realise that though this is fiction, it was for many a reality.

At the heart of the novel is a mother’s love. It is a mother’s love that clings on to hope. It does not let go and it is unconditional. This reminds us that we have a heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally, who will not let us go and who will leave no stone unturned in His pursuit of us. God pursues us not because He has to but because He loves us and He wants us to come home to Him.

Within the novel there is a network of corruption and a continual question of trust. Just who can be trusted to do the right thing?

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