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The Other Blue Sky by Shari J Ryan

Searching For The Way Home

The Other Blue Sky by Shari J Ryan is a heart wrenching tale of love and family, and overcoming evil. It is set in present day America and 1954 moving forwards to the present. The book follows on from Last Words but can be read as a stand-alone. I would recommend reading Last Words first so you can join all the dots.

The novel is about the search for roots. We all want to know where we come from. Without this anchor our lives may flounder as we feel like something is missing.

Secrets have been kept down the years. Secrets are locked away in hearts to protect loved ones. Secrets become heavy burdens that need to be shared or we will break.

A mother’s love runs throughout. It is a love that protects and nurtures. It is a love that is unbreakable. It is a love that holds on and a love that is needed when a heart is breaking.

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