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The Light Keeper by Cole Morton


The Light Keeper by Cole Morton is the most beautifully written novel that has soothed my soul. Once in a while a book comes along that has a serenely beautiful air that pervades the whole novel and I just sink into it and let the book wash over me. The Light Keeper is not a book to rush through, it is one to be savoured. There is power and understanding in the words that Cole Morton has used.

The book is a study of life and love and loss – a life that has been and a love that does not end; a life that is yet to be and a desperation that does not leave; and a love that has died but the embers remain. This is a tale that demands an emotional response on many levels.

Deep grief is found within the pages. “The white noise of grief has never stopped, only become part of the music of his life.” When life is snatched away and hope is gone, grief and love remain. “He wants to leave but she is still here.” When we are being sunk by our grief, we sometimes fear moving on in case we lose our memories and ties with our loved one.

One character mourns what she did not have – her mother died when she was just three years old but the sense of loss remains.

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