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The House On Foster Hill by Jaime Jo Wright

The Memory Keeper

The House On Foster Hill by Jaime Jo Wright is a fabulous Christian historical and contemporary suspense that had me consumed from the start.

Two parallel tales surrounding the old house on Foster Hill have the reader trying to join all the dots. Action is set in present day and 1906. Both leading ladies are recovering from loss. They feel guilty and tormented and need to make peace with God. They have pushed Him away in their pain. “Wishing she had reconciled enough with God to pray.”

Hardship will cause us to move away from God or closer to Him. We need to cling to Him, especially when all looks hopeless. “God, please bring me hope.” God is the God of hope. When we know Him, we can have hope. “I need to find hope to live again.” When we lose hope, we lose the will to live. Sometimes we just need to cling on to God and trust Him in the dark. “I can’t see God’s light… I believe. In Jesus… but I can’t see His promise of a future.”

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