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The Hardest Peace by Kara Tippetts

Beautiful and Brave

The Hardest PeaceThe Hardest Peace by Kara Tippetts is a beautiful, heart wrenching book. Kara is a young mum of four children. She has a loving husband. She knows a loving God. And she has cancer. The Hardest Peace is her story. How she copes. How she does life. What she learns. How she grows her relationship with God.

Kara Tippetts did not have an easy childhood. Her life was hard. Her life was messy. Then Kara met God and she learnt about grace and forgiveness. “I was met in my hurt and loved.” Kara opened her life to God. She realised her sins and the need to be forgiven. She found “it was more than intoxicating, the thought of living forgiven.” Kara began to know God and to walk in relationship with Him “God met me in my messy.” She realised that she wanted God in her life. God does not mind how messy our lives are, He wants to love us and walk beside us.

Life seemed good for a few years. Kara had a husband Jason and they had a family. Then Kara got her diagnosis of cancer and life became very hard. Kara “was fighting to believe the goodness of our story that seemed anything but good.” Kara talks candidly about her battle with cancer. Her chemo, her hair loss, her hopes and dreams for the future, her thoughts of heaven, her desires for her husband and children. Through it all Kara keeps her eyes fixed on God. She had to believe that inspite of everything, God is good.

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