The Hardest Peace by Kara Tippetts

Beautiful and Brave

The Hardest PeaceThe Hardest Peace by Kara Tippetts is a beautiful, heart wrenching book. Kara is a young mum of four children. She has a loving husband. She knows a loving God. And she has cancer. The Hardest Peace is her story. How she copes. How she does life. What she learns. How she grows her relationship with God.

Kara Tippetts did not have an easy childhood. Her life was hard. Her life was messy. Then Kara met God and she learnt about grace and forgiveness. “I was met in my hurt and loved.” Kara opened her life to God. She realised her sins and the need to be forgiven. She found “it was more than intoxicating, the thought of living forgiven.” Kara began to know God and to walk in relationship with Him “God met me in my messy.” She realised that she wanted God in her life. God does not mind how messy our lives are, He wants to love us and walk beside us.

Life seemed good for a few years. Kara had a husband Jason and they had a family. Then Kara got her diagnosis of cancer and life became very hard. Kara “was fighting to believe the goodness of our story that seemed anything but good.” Kara talks candidly about her battle with cancer. Her chemo, her hair loss, her hopes and dreams for the future, her thoughts of heaven, her desires for her husband and children. Through it all Kara keeps her eyes fixed on God. She had to believe that inspite of everything, God is good.

Kara describes her relationship with her children… how they each coped with her illness and just how much she should tell them. There were beautiful moments inspite of the harshness of life. Kara talks about the things that really matter. “Life mattered more than tidy living”, some things are just not important in the big scheme of things. Making memories with her family was important.

Kara talks about her trust in God. “If the answer isn’t yes, trust God that the story is still good.” Not once is Kara ever bitter. Her trust in and love for God never wavers. She talks about the sin that sent Jesus to the cross. “My sin put Him there, but His love saw me.” Kara recognises that whatever happens God loves her and she loves God.

Kara is concerned that her children will still know and love God throughout her cancer and beyond. She realises that in hard times sometimes “we meet the scary of life and forget to turn to God… we scramble to control, fix and protect from hard.” She wants her children to always turn to God in all circumstances of life.

The Hardest Peace is an incredible book. Kara is an amazing lady, so brave and so loving. It is a book filled with many Godly truths. Kara lays her life open for us all to see. In her honesty and in her courage, the reader draws closer to God. One realises that at times the only thing to do is to cling on to God and to trust Him for His promises. And we must believe that in all situations, God is still good.

The Hardest Peace was very powerful. I urge you to pick up a copy today. Your faith will be stretched as you read Kara’s story.



2 thoughts on “The Hardest Peace by Kara Tippetts

  1. Sounds like an incredible story. It pains me to read books like this, but they have such wonderful lessons to teach us. It is through suffering that we grow and learn to trust God more.
    thank you for sharing.
    I will be looking for a copy.

  2. Kara, Julia Wilson shared this blog with Heart”wings” – a women’s fellowship group this morning. Your testimony is so overpowering and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your faith in God and showing us how He is working in your life. You are amazing and inspirational. We would be so blessed to have you in our fellowship group. j

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