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The Dishonorable Miss DeLancey by Carolyn Miller

Trust. Pray. Believe

The Dishonorable Miss DeLancey by Carolyn Miller is a most delightful Christian historical romance which I adored. It is the third book in the Regency Brides series and can be read as a stand-alone. However for maximum enjoyment and to understand the character development, it would be best to read the previous two books.

Once again Carolyn Miller has spun a fabulous tale. There is adventure, jealousy, kidnap, revenge and good old fashioned love. Over it all there is God. A God who “answer[s] even unspoken prayers.” A God who is closer to us than we realise and who desires to know us.

The novel is about restoration, second chances and new beginnings. As characters come to know Jesus, they get their priorities in order. Life is not about money and power, it is about people and passion.

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