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Sweet Dreams Drive by Robin Lee Hatcher

Weathering The Storm

Sweet Dreams Drive by Robin Lee Hatcher is a powerful tale about becoming parents to twins. It is book four in the Harts Crossing series but can be read as a stand-alone.

The reader witnesses the strain of tiredness and finances on a marriage. Being a new mum should be a time of happiness but tiredness can overwhelm. We see the importance of being honest with each other.

We also see the importance of making time for each other as a couple. We need to see our partners as God sees them.

Life is not about having the biggest house or the most money. Life is about focusing on God and others. We need to be content with what we have and not play the comparison game or try to buy the next best thing. If we chase things, we will never be satisfied. Our happiness will Always be in a ‘who’ and never a ‘what’.

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